Filter Properties

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Filter Properties

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The FilterZip user interface allows for the specification of Filter properties, which are simply a set of criteria that each encountered file must meet in order to be included in the resulting zip file. The following criteria may be used:


Filename regular expression - This first field specifies the regular expression that filenames must match in order to be included in the resulting zip file. More information about the use of regular expressions (including how to use the built-in presets) is provided in a separate section of this help file.
Include files with attributes - Some files contain special file system attributes such as "read-only" or "system" which differentiate them from "normal" files. Use this set of checkboxes to include files that contain the corresponding attributes. By default, "temporary" and "archive" files are included.
Only include file sizes - Set the drop-down box to "no filter" to include files of all sizes. Otherwise, use the drop-down box to specify whether the file size must be "greater than" or "less than" the specified size. The file size itself is expressed in kilobytes.
Only within date range - Set the drop-down box to "no filter" to include all files regardless of their date stamp. Otherwise, select "last accessed", "created", or "modified" to specify which file date stamp is used for comparisons. Finally, specify the start and end dates.


Please note that several preset regular expression filters have been provided for your convenience, and are accessible via the Reference button on the FilterZip window. Presets include regular expressions that match images, music, movies, documents, and other common file type sets, and can easily be tweaked according to your needs.


More information can be found in the section titled Using Regular Expressions.