Reduce Unwanted Storage Content with FolderSizes

Over time, organizational storage systems become weighed down by increasing levels of unwanted storage content. This results in increased costs, increased risk, and reduced efficiency. FolderSizes can help you to better understand storage systems through a series of powerful reports and visualizations, providing you with the information you need to get storage under control.

The Cost of Unwanted Storage Content

The price that an organization pays for the presence of unwanted data includes, and yet extends far beyond, basic cost-per-storage-unit measurements.

  • Storage Allocation - The presence of unwanted storage system data often results in the purchase of additional hardware before it's truly needed.
  • Management Time - Manually investigating potential storage policy violations is a very time-consuming task, often requiring additional staff.
  • Cost Multipliers - Unwanted data is not only stored - it is backed up, maintained, and often archived unnecessarily.
  • Understanding Risk - Storing unauthorized (or even illegal) data files can increase your company's legal exposure.
  • Service Denial - Unwanted file types such as multimedia files often consume a lot of storage space, reducing availability for legitimate business needs.

FolderSizes - A Software Solution

FolderSizes is a lightweight, efficient, and affordable software tool that helps storage admins gather the information they need to reduce the presence of unwanted storage data. FolderSizes works against nearly any type of storage system and requires no complex supportive infrastructure (e.g. databases, proprietary hardware, deployment of software "agents", etc.) to use. FolderSizes analyzes file and folder metadata to produce a variety of storage usage reports and visualizations quickly:

  • Build reports showing largest, oldest, duplicate, and temporary files that waste space
  • Classify disk space usage by file type, size, attributes, name or path length, and owner
  • Find and manage specific file instances that violate company storage policies
  • Visualize storage space spanning multiple volumes from a single hierarchical perspective
  • Schedule the generation of actionable storage space analysis reports
  • Analyze multi-terabyte volumes concurrently for maximum performance
  • Save, re-load, and even compare file system analysis data

FolderSizes provides considerable file system analysis power at a price accessible to organizations of any shape or size. Download the free trial today and see for yourself.