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In order to continue using FolderSizes beyond the free 15-day trial period, you must purchase a license. When you buy one or more licenses through our secure online ordering system, you will receive a product registration key that "unlocks" the software for permanent use.

License Type Price Purchase

Single-User Pro license $55.00 USD (each) Buy Now
Single-User Pro license - 5 Pack $220.00 USD (20% off) Buy Now 
Single-User Pro license - 10 Pack $385.00 USD (30% off) Buy Now 
Single-User Pro license - 20 Pack $660.00 USD (40% off) Buy Now 

Site-Wide Pro license* $900.00 USD (each) Buy Now 
Country-Wide Pro license** $4,200.00 USD (each) Buy Now 
Enterprise (World-Wide) Pro license*** Available by quote Email Us 

Personal / Home license (see below) $27.50 USD (each) Buy Now 

If you'd like to purchase a custom quantity of single-user Pro licenses, please click the single-user purchase link and enter any quantity you like (volume discounts will be applied automatically).

*Site-wide licenses can be installed on any number of computers (and support an unlimited number of users) within a single geographic site. **Country-wide licenses provide unlimited users and installations within the purchaser's country of origin. ***Enterprise licenses can be used within the purchasing organization without user, installation, or geographic limitation.

FolderSizes Personal / Home Licenses are designed specifically for the home user, and have the following feature restrictions:

  • For personal / home use only. Not available to organizations of any type.
  • Use of built-in scheduling and command line features are unavailable.
  • Windows Server operating systems are not supported.
  • The ability to compare file system analysis data is unavailable.
  • The ability to create snapshots is unavailable.
  • The Trend Analyzer tool is unavailable.

To order a single-user FolderSizes Personal Edition license, please click here.

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