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About Filter & Zip

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FolderSizes Filter & Zip is a powerful tool that allows you to recursively scan folders and hard drives for files that match specific criteria and compress them (into a zip file) in a single pass.


Zip files produced by the Fitler & Zip tool are compatible with popular third-party compression programs such as WinZip and PKZip.


To use Fitler & Zip, you create jobs which have three main components:


The folder or drive contents to include.

The criteria (or filter properties) that each file within the above folder must match.

The destination zip file location.


The folder contents to include specifies which folder acts as the "root" of the Fitler & Zip job. The folder you select can reside anywhere on your system, or on a network path (specify the path in UNC format). You can also elect to have Fitler & Zip act recursively – which is to say that it will scan every subfolder contained within the specified root folder.


The filter properties use a combination of traditional file search criteria combined with regular expression (or wildcard) file name matching. Filter properties are further described in a separate section of this help file.


Finally, the zip file location specifies where the resulting compressed file will reside. For maximum performance, locate the zip file somewhere within your local file system (network paths are also supported, but will slow compression operations considerably).