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Manages how the application behaves during file system analysis data export operations.




Include graph image - Determines whether the lower-right graph image is included in main window exports.

Include drive space information - Includes drive space information within main window exports.

Include folder listing table - Determines whether the main window detail view contents are included in exports.

Merge CSS template into HTML export files (HTML only) - When engaged, this option causes the CSS template found in the "templates" subfolder of the FolderSizes installation root to be merged into HTML export files (as a style block in the HTML header). If this option is turned off, the CSS template file will be copied to the same location as the HTML export file (and linked to from within it).

Show graph image above detail listing (rather than below) - Changes the position of the graph image included within specific HTML and PDF reports.

Embed graph images directly into HTML export files (HTML only) - When enabled, this option will embed graph images directly into exported HTML files. This capability is supported by most modern web browsers. If you're using older browser technology, you may need to disable this option. Also note that graph image files must be less than 5MB in size, otherwise they won't be embedded.




Include column headers – Indicates whether text column headers should be included.

Wrap files in quotes – Enables or disable the wrapping of fields in quotes.

Include UTF-8 BOM (byte order marker) in export files - This option applies only to text file export formats (e.g. ".csv" and ".txt"). Inclusion of a BOM (byte order marker) will allow third-party applications (such as MS Notepad and/or Excel) to unambiguously identify that such files are Unicode with UTF-8 encoding. If you are opening (or otherwise processing) these text files with third-party applications that cannot interpret BOMs, you can disable their inclusion here. Note that BOMs are never added to export files of HTML or XML formats, because they contain their own character set declarations.




Use FolderSizes XSLT file - When engaged, this option causes the XSLT file found in the "templates" subfolder of the FolderSizes installation path to be copied to the same location as the XML export file (and linked into it). Disabling this option will prevent the use of XSLT entirely.


Graph Images


Limit bar graph exports to this many bars - Specified the maximum number of graph bars to appear during export operations.

Graph image width - Determines the width of exported graph images.

Graph image height - Determines the height of exported graph images.


Note: When modifying the default graph image export dimensions, it is recommended that you maintain an aspect ratio that is similar to the defaults.