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File Categories Detail

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The File Categories report provides a high-level grouping of files by broad category (e.g. graphic files, music, etc.).


The File Types Group Detail report can be sorted by any column; simply click the column by which you wish to sort. Click the same column again to reverse the sort order.


By using the Export button, the contents of the File Categories Report can be exported for external analysis or display.


You can print the File Types Group Detail report by using the Print button at the bottom of the report generator window. The list will print exactly as it appears in the report.


Once report generation completes, you can double-click an entry in order to find specific file instances (via FolderSizes Search).


Managing File Categories


To customize File Categories, select the File Categories Detail View within the File Reporter window. Then click the Manage File Categories button.


You will be presented with a listing of current File Categories. To add a new File Category, click the Add button. To remove the currently selected File Category, click the Delete button. To Edit the currently selected File Category, click the Edit button.


Changes and additions to File Categories are committed when the Save button is clicked.


Editing File Categories


Creating a new File Category (or editing an existing one) will cause the File Category Editor window to appear.


File Categories have a name, a description, and one or more associated file extensions. The name and description fields are required, and at least one file extension association must be added.


To add a new file extension, enter the extension into the edit box near the bottom of the window and click the Add button. Once added, the new extension will appear in the Extensions listing.


To edit an extension, select it in the Extensions list, edit the extension using the edit box near the bottom of the window, and then click the Replace button.


To remove an extension, select it in the Extensions list and click the Delete button.