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File Owners Detail

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The FolderSizes File Owners Detail report is designed to show the distribution of files within a given path (e.g. drive, network folder, etc.) by owner. The report shows how much disk space is consumed by each user, including the percentage of the parent path. Note that both the file sizes as well as allocated size (e.g. "size on disk") are displayed. In some cases the allocated size could be smaller than the base size if some (or all) of the scanned files are compressed.


Important note: because the File Owners Detail report is markedly slower than the other File Reports (due to the nature of the Windows OS), it is disabled by default. You must explicitly enable it by clicking the Options toolbar button within the File Reporter window.


Like any other FolderSizes File Report, The File Owners Detail report can be printed or exported via the Print and Export buttons, respectively.


Once report generation completes, you can double-click an entry in order to find specific file instances (via FolderSizes Search).