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FolderSizes Help

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The display of graphs within FolderSizes can be customized in a number of useful ways.


Pie Graph


Show only slices larger than N percent of root - Shows only pie slices that are larger than the specified percentage of the parent root. Set this to 0 if you want to see everything.

Show only top N largest slices - Shows the specified number of largest pie slices only.

Exclude pie graph labels - Optionally turns off pie slice labeling.


Folder Map Graph


Scale rectangle fonts to fit available space - Dynamically resizes map graph fonts to consume available item rectangle space.

Highlight rectangles as the mouse moves over them - Changes color of rectangle borders as mouse hovers over them.


All Graphs


Show allocated size in graphs - When enabled, graphs will reflect allocated size (e.g. "size on disk") rather than actual size.