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Calculated Date/Time Values

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In addition to the normal date/time stamps associated with file system objects, FolderSizes has the ability to show calculated date/time values for folders.


Calculated date/time values differ from the normal NTFS date/time stamps in that they represent the most recent file system object in the entire folder hierarchy. By default, FolderSizes will consider both files and subfolders when computing these values - but you can control this behavior via the Scanning section of the Options window.


There are calculated date/time columns available in the main window detail view for each of the three primary NTFS date/time stamps - modified, calculated, and created.


Important: To view calculated date/time values, you must first enable them by right-clicking the main window detail column header and selecting the desired calculated date/time entries from the listing.


Note: Calculated date/time values are only computed for folders. Calculated date/time values for files are the same their normal NTFS date/time stamps.