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Event Log

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During file system analysis processes, FolderSizes records the occurrence of interesting events. Such events may include:


Errors - Events that may potentially halt file system analysis, or otherwise interfere with it.

Warnings - Events that may cause problems, but do not halt file system analysis.

Information - Events of general interest.


Each of the primary FolderSizes analysis tools - the primary, search, and file report windows - will maintain their own file system analysis event log, which you may review (through the corresponding ribbon bar or toolbar button) when data is available. Events may also be saved to file for further analysis by yourself or members of our technical support team.


If the event log contains errors, the user will be prompted to review its contents upon file system analysis completion. This prompting can be disabled via the Prompts section of the Options window.


The event log for a given file system analysis process is always cleared between executions.


The event log has a maximum number of entries 25,600 entries. When this limit is reached, log entries are rotated (e.g. oldest entries are expunged to make room for new ones).


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