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Location Bar

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The FolderSizes Location Bar appears near the top of the main application window.


The Location Bar is designed to allow for easy entry of one or more file system analysis paths. It can accept a variety of user inputs, including:


A fully qualified local file system path (e.g. "c:\temp").

A UNC path to a remote (network) file system (e.g. "\\server\share").

A network server name, preceded by two backslashes (e.g. "\\server"). Such entries will trigger the discovery of network shares on the specified server.

Multiple file system paths (any combination of the above), separating entries with the pipe symbol (e.g. "c:\temp | \\server\share").

The keyword "computer", triggering navigation to the Computer View.


Use the adjacent Browse button to browse for a file system path, or the Paths button to manage the addition of drives, folders, and network servers.


Click the drop arrow to the right of the Location Bar to access a history of previously selected paths.


Note: A location bar with identical functionality also appears in the File Reporting window.


See also: Analyzing multiple paths, Network share discovery