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Run As Admin

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Users running FolderSizes on Windows Vista or later have access to a Run As Admin button within the main window ribbon bar. If this button is disabled, this is an indication that the application is already running under an elevated administrative user account.


You can also run FolderSizes as an administrator by using the "FolderSizes 5 (Administrator)" shortcut within with FolderSizes start menu group, or by right-clicking the normal shortcut and choosing "Run as administrator" from the resulting pop-up menu. Again, these options will be available only on Windows Vista or later.


Depending upon your operating system configuration, any of these actions may (or may not) result in a Windows UAC (User Account Control) dialog window. This consent dialog is a normal part of Windows Vista or later security model, and may require authentication with administrative user account security credentials before proceeding.


Impact on Mapped Drives


On Windows Vista or later, one or more mapped drives may no longer be accessible when running FolderSizes as admin. This is a normal result of the security model enforced by Windows Vista and later, occurring because the operating system associates mapped drives with the security token of the user that creates them (and then limits access accordingly).


There are several straight-forward workarounds for this situation, including:


Re-map the drives from within FolderSizes

Access the network locations directly using UNC path notation (e.g. "\\server\share")

Enable linked connections, as described in Microsoft Knowledge Base article 937624