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Snapshot Parameters

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There are several command line parameters that are specific to Snapshot file generation.




When enabled, causes ownership data to be resolved and stored for every file system object included in the snapshot.


Example: foldersizes.exe /snapshot /path:"d:\temp" /export:"d:\temp\snapshot.fssx" /lookupFileOwners


Note: Use of ownership data resolution has a significant negative impact on snapshot generation performance.




This switch causes NTFS compression to be applied to the snapshot output file. If the destination path is not NTFS, this switch has no effect.


Example: foldersizes.exe /snapshot /path:"d:\temp" /export:"d:\temp\snapshot.fssx" /applyNTFSCompression




This switch allows file system reparse points (e.g. junctions, etc.) to be followed during snapshot generation. Most of the time this is not desirable; we therefore recommend you enable this switch only if you have a clear reason for doing so.


Example: foldersizes.exe /snapshot /path:"d:\temp" /export:"d:\temp\snapshot.fssx" /followReparsePoints




This switch causes the Snapshot generator to load a set of path exclusions from a text file. This path must be fully qualified (relative fie paths are not supported).


Example: foldersizes.exe /snapshot /path:"d:\temp" /export:"d:\temp\snapshot.fssx" /loadExclusionsFile:"c:\temp\exclusions.txt"


Please visit the Snapshot Exclusions help topic for details regarding the format of exclusion files, etc.