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Largest Files

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The FolderSizes Largest Files report provides a listing of the largest files contained within the scanned folder.


The Largest Files Report also contains a helpful banding graph that provides a visual indicator of the percentage of scanned folder space consumed by each listed file. The graph is always sorted from largest to smallest (from left to right) in order to better convey this information. You can also hover over any particular colored band within the graph to see the file name (and size) associated with that band.


The Largest Files Report can be sorted by any column; simply click the column by which you wish to sort. Click the same column again to reverse the sort order.


By using the Export button, the contents of the Largest Files Report can be exported for external analysis or display.


You can print the Largest Files Report by using the Print button at the bottom of the report generator window. The list will print exactly as it appears in the report (e.g. in the current sorted order, etc.).