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Mutiple File Report Paths

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FolderSizes has the ability to generate File Reports against multiple file system scan paths concurrently (i.e. at the same time).


You can specify multiple file system paths in a couple of different ways:


Type paths directly into the path(s) edit box, with each path separated by pipe symbols (the "|" character)

Use the Path Manager window (click the Paths toolbar button) to enter multiple directories, drives, and servers


Using the Path Manager option is often beneficial because it provides additional validation, and allows you to visualize the order of scan paths. To use this method, click the Paths toolbar button within the File Reports main window. This will cause the Path Manager window to appear, showing a listing of all the paths that will be scanned during File Report generation.


To add to this list, you can browse for (or enter directly) a file system path and click the Add button. To remove a path from this list, select it and click the Delete button. To edit a path, select it and click the Edit button (or double-click the path itself). You can also manage the order of entries in the path list by selecting a path and clicking the Up or Down buttons. When done, click OK - the Path Manager window will close, and the scan paths will be entered into the File Report window paths edit box in pipe-delimited format.


Note that multiple, pipe-delimited paths can also be passed in through the FolderSizes command line interface.


For more information on analyzing multiple paths within FolderSizes, see this related help topic.