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About Licensing

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Licensing FolderSizes


To continue using FolderSizes beyond the evaluation period, you must purchase a product license.


Once you complete the secure online license purchasing process, you will be sent an email that contains your product license code. To enter your license code into FolderSizes, launch the program and click the Enter License Code button that appears in the Product  Evaluation Notice window. Alternatively, you can click the Enter License Code button in the Help tab of the ribbon bar.


Troubleshooting Product Licensing


If you are having problems entering the registration information that you received, please check the following:


Your product license code must be entered into FolderSizes exactly as you received it. To minimize the potential for errors, it is recommended that you copy and paste the license code into the field presented in the Product License window.

Your product registration email message will always indicate which version of FolderSizes your license code unlocks. Please make sure the version of FolderSizes you are running matches accordingly. For example, you cannot unlock FolderSizes v9 with a v8 license code (you must either download and install v8 or upgrade your license). You can always download the latest version of the software (as well as previous releases) from

If you need further assistance, please contact us at


Upgrade Policy (When are Upgrades Free?)


The FolderSizes product upgrade policy is as follows:


Minor version upgrades are free

Major version upgrades are subject to an upgrade fee


FolderSizes has a three-part version number (for example, "5.0.40"), with the first of these numbers representing the major version number. Minor version upgrades are those in which the major product version number remains the same. Major version upgrades are those in which the major version number is higher than that for which you are currently licensed.


The full FolderSizes version number is always displayed in the main window title bar, or within the About dialog window.


Major version upgrade fees are outlined within the ordering section of our FolderSizes product website. If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact us at