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FolderSizes includes a search facility with powerful features not found in other file system search tools.


FolderSizes Search allows you to scan multiple file system paths (local and remote) for the purpose of finding files and/or folders that match specific criteria. Those criteria are specified through search rules.


Search Commands


The FolderSizes search window toolbar provides access to a number of functions:


Start - Start the search process with the specified criteria.

Stop - Cancels a search currently in progress.

Load - Loads a previously saved search job definition.

Save - Saves the currently defined search job to file. This file can be loaded again later for re-use.

Print - Prints the current search results listing.

Export - Allows you to export the search results listing to HTML, CSV, or TXT file formats.

Events - Shows details about any events that occurred during the last search.

Samples - Opens a folder that contains a number of helpful sample search jobs.

Help - Presents this help information.


Search Paths and Rules


The search window is separated into two tabbed areas - one for specifying search paths, and the other for search rules. Search paths tell FolderSizes where you want to search, and search rules indicate what you want to find.


Loading and Saving Search Job Files


As mentioned briefly above, the search window's "Save" toolbar button allows you to save the currently defined search criteria (including paths, file name masks, etc.) to a file. This file can later be re-loaded using the "Load" toolbar button.


Search job files contain the current search paths, search scan filter configuration, and any search rules. When loading search job files, there is also an option to load only the search criteria the file contains (leaving the current search paths and search scan filter settings unchanged). This feature can be useful when you know that a job file contains a set of search criteria of interest, but you wish to maintain the current paths and scan filter settings.


Saved search job files can also be used when executing FolderSizes Search via the command line interface.