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About Scan Filtering

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The FolderSizes Scan Filter feature provides powerful scan-time filtering capabilities. With scan filtering, you can precisely control the scope of the file system analysis process, determining exactly which files and folders are included.


The Scan Filter window can be segmented into two major areas, as described below.


Filter Rules


Scan filter rules define precisely how files and folders are matched, and whether they are included or excluded from file system analysis results.


Scan filter rules are described in more detail here.


Scan Filter Options


There are two global switches for enabling / disabling scan filtering.


Apply scan filter to folder size reports - Used to enable or disable scan filtering for folder size reports, generated from the main application window.

Apply scan filter to file reports - Used to enable or disable scan filtering for file reports.


There are also buttons for loading and saving scan filter definitions.


Important: Making changes to the Scan Filter configuration can cause any existing file system analysis data to become stale / outdated. You will need to refresh your existing file system reports in such cases.


See also: How To Report On Specific File Types