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Each file or folder that matches your specified search rules will be shown in the detail listing located in the bottom part of the search window.


Customizing Columns


To customize the columns displayed within the search results listing, right-click the detail list column header (the portion of the detail list that contains the column names). You will be presented with a pop-up menu that lists all the potential columns that can be shown; select the ones you wish to see and de-select the ones you don't. Your column display preferences will be remembered between searches.


Sorting Search Results


Left-click any search results detail list column header to sort by the corresponding column. Click the same column again to sort it in the opposite direction.


Other Capabilities


You can also right-click any file system object presented within the search results detail listing to show a menu of helpful functions. This menu will allow you to open file system objects, delete them, open a command line prompt directly within the parent folder, and more.


Double-clicking a file system object within the search results listing will cause it to open with the default handler program (as determined by the Windows shell).


Using the search window toolbar, your search results can also be printed, exported, and more.