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Search Scan Filter

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Search scan filtering behaves nearly identically to normal scan filtering. It can be combined with search rules to provide an advanced level of control over the scope of file system searches.


To combine search rules and search scan filtering successfully, please keep the following in mind:


Search rules define how file system objects are matched.

Search scan filtering defines where FolderSizes looks for those matches.

Search scan filtering, when enabled, always takes priority over search rules.


A common use of search scan filtering is to exclude specific folders from the overall search process, although many other uses are possible.


Also keep in mind that search filtering configuration is saved along with search job files. In other words, when saving or loading a search job definition to / from XML file format, the search filtering configuration will be saved / loaded along with it.


Note: Internally, FolderSizes may also use search filtering to ensure search result continuity when drilling into file report details. For example, say you generate a file type report that has scan filtering enabled for the purpose of excluding a specific set of folders. You then then double-click a file type detail report entry, which launches FolderSizes search in order to find the specific file instances associated with the given file type. FolderSizes will automatically duplicate the scan filtering settings from the file report into the target search to improve the quality of those search results.


Important: Making changes to the Search Scan Filter configuration can cause existing search results to become stale / outdated. You will need to re-execute your search process to accurately in such cases.