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FolderSizes search and scan filter rules can match files and folders by age.


Modes of Operation


Any date - Selecting this option means that file dates will not be considered during searching.

Within - A handy set of built-in "calculated" date range presets (such as "within this week", "within this month", etc.).

In the last - Allows users to find objects modified, created, or accessed in the last N minutes, hours, days, months, or years.

Between - Allows you to enter the exact start and end dates against which file dates are tested.


If anything other than "any date" is selected, the date type and match mode drop-down boxes will become enabled.


Date type - Can be set to "modified", "created" or "accessed". Most (but not all) file system objects carry all three date/time stamps, and this option allows you to specify which should be used during the search process.

Match mode - "Matches" will return any file system objects that match the date/time criteria provided. "Not Matches" mode will return any file system object that does not meet these criteria.


See also: Scan filter rules, Search rules