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These refresh options apply specifically to the primary (e.g. main window) detail report view.


Automatically refresh right pane while scanning - This option allows the folder scan results to appear dynamically, as the folder scan progresses. Turning this off will cause the display to be empty until the entire folder scan has completed.

Refresh rate slider bar - Determines how frequently the scan result panes update while a folder scan is in progress.


Detail View Colors


As file system object names appear within various report detail listings (e.g. primary detail view, search results, etc.), they are assigned colors based upon their file attributes. You can use this section of the options dialog to determine which colors are used to represent the various file attributes.


Other Options


Bold folders or files larger than percentage of parent - By default, large folders are defined as those that are larger than 20% of the size of their parent folder (e.g. the scanned folder). This percentile value can be adjusted to suit your needs. Applies only to the primary detail report view.

Fast shell icon collection mode - When enabled, FolderSizes will use a faster mode of extracting file system object icons from the Windows shell for display in various detail views. The (minor) caveat is that some objects with unique icons (such as special system folders, etc.) will be represented in a more generic form. This option impacts presentation of icons only.

Show times (along with date) in date-based detail columns - The main window detail view, as well as file report and search detail views, will honor this setting when displaying date-based columns.

Subfolder display depth - Controls the depth at which the primary report detail view displays subfolders.