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Drive Space

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These options provide control over what appears within the drive space docking panel, as well as the computer view.


Drive Types


Fixed drives - These include local hard drives. Recommended.

Removable drives - Usually consists of thumb drives, etc.

CDROM drives - CDROM, CDRW, DVD, etc.

Remote (network) drives - Includes any mapped network drives. Note that this can slow application performance slightly on slower networks (and is therefore not recommended for use within a wireless network environment).

RAM disk drives - Any type of memory-based drive.

Unknown drive types - Anything else not otherwise categorized. Not recommended.


Other Options


Ignore these drive letters - Allows for specification of drives that should not be included (floppy drives, for example) in the drive space panel. Separate multiple drive letters with semi-colons.

Automatically refresh every X seconds - Specifies how frequently the drive space panel should automatically refresh itself.

Ignore storage devices that are offline - When this switch is engaged, FolderSizes will ignore any drive that it cannot successfully query for size information.

Max history entries per volume - Controls the maximum number of historical disk space entries stored per volume.

Calculate growth % from - Configures the period of time over which disk space historical growth is calculated.