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About Disk History

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Whenever FolderSizes queries a disk for information about its available space, those metrics are stored within a persistent historical database.


FolderSizes allows you to access this historical information for the purpose of review and/or trend analysis.


How & When Disk History is Captured


There are a number of actions that can be taken within FolderSizes that will trigger the capture of historical data for a disk drive, including:


1.Visibility within the Drive Space panel

2.Visibility within the Computer View

3.Visibility within the Disk Reporter


FolderSizes will record up to one historical entry per hour for each disk that is queried via any of the above means. The maximum number of database entries per disk can be customized via the Drive Space section of the Options window.


Historical disk space information is stored in a database specific to the current user profile, allowing each user to independently manage historical disk data without affecting other FolderSizes users.


TIP: The best way to ensure that historical information is captured regularly for a given set of disks is to schedule the periodic creation of a custom disk report.


How Disk History Information is Used


FolderSizes uses the availability of historical disk space information within a number of views, including:


1.The Computer View shows a growth percentage indicator. Clicking the adjacent "details" link will show the Disk History window.

2.The Drive Space panel shows a growth percentage column (hidden by default, right click the column header to enable)

3.The Disk Reporter shows a growth percentage column (visible by default). Double-clicking an entry within the Disk Reporter will show the Disk History window.


By default, each disk's growth percentage is calculated over a period of the last 30 days. You can customize this behavior via the Drive Space section of the Options window.