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Disk History Window

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The Disk History window will appear if you double-click a disk within the Disk Reporter window, or click the "details" link for a specific drive within the Computer View.


This view exposes Disk History in the form of a chart and a detail view.


History by Space Used Chart


The chart presents a graphical view of a disk's used space history, providing a quick sense of the overall usage trend.


Clicking a specific point within the chart view will highlight the associated entry in the associated detail view (see below).


By default, the chart exposes data on a daily time scale. Use the Time Scale toolbar button to customize this behavior.


You can also export the contents of the History by Space Used chart via the Export toolbar button, which allows it to be saved as an image in a variety of file formats.


Detail View


The detail view shows all the historical data points captured for the given disk.


You may notice that more entries appear within the detail view than are initially visible in the History by Space Used chart. This is expected behavior, because the chart exposes data on a daily time scale by default (use the Time Scale toolbar button to change this behavior), whereas the detail view always shows all available historical data.


You can remove specific historical entries by right-clicking them within the detail view and selecting Delete Selected Item(s) from the resulting pop-up menu. Please note that removal of disk history entries is permanent, and may affect the calculation of growth percentage, etc.


To export the data contained within the Disk History detail view, click the Export toolbar button. The data can be saved in a variety of file formats.