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Exporting to Other Formats

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FolderSizes has powerful report exporting capabilities built into it. Exported report contents can often be imported or otherwise consumed by third-party applications for additional processing.


A wide range of export formats are available, including:


HTML - The files produced by the HTML report will depend upon the report context. For example, if you are exporting the main application window's contents (e.g. the detail view and the graph) to HTML, both a web page and image file will be produced.

CSV & TXT - Comma and tab separated value export formats, respectively, allow you to produce simple delimited, text-based exports that be consumed by applications such as Microsoft Excel.

PDF - A stand-alone (portable) document format, with pagination.

Clipboard - The main application detail view contents can be exported directly to the Windows clipboard.

Image - The main application graph can be exported directly as an image file in a range of formats (including JPEG, PNG, Bitmap, and Tiff). The graph image can also be exported to the Windows clipboard.


Important: To export file system analysis data in XML file format, use the Save as XML feature.


To export data from the main application window, use the Export button of the application ribbon bar.


To export data from the search or file reports window, use the corresponding Export toolbar button.