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Saving Scan Data as XML

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Folder size report analysis data (generated from the main application window) can be saved in XML format for analysis by third-party applications.


When saving scan data in XML format, all available folder and drive level file system object information will be saved. Data specific to files will not be exported. XML folder data exports can also be re-loaded by FolderSizes at a later time, or compared with analysis data currently in memory. To review program options relating to XML data exports, please click here.


Note: FolderSizes ships with an XSLT file that transforms XML export files into HTML and renders them in compatible browsers (e.g. IE 5.5 or greater, Firefox, etc). You can modify the XSLT script yourself if you like - it's located in a directory named "templates" beneath your FolderSizes installation root.


FolderSizes also supports the creation of file system Snapshots, which capture full file and folder level state. Snapshots can then later be used to create folder, file, and search reports, and can even be loaded into the Trend Analyzer tool. For more information about Snapshots, please see the About Snapshots help topic.