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Email Integration

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FolderSizes has integrated support for sending the result of report export operations to users via email.


Email Configuration


In order to use its email integration features, you must first tell FolderSizes how to communicate with your email service provider. This is done through the Email section of the Options window (please see that topic for details).


How It Works


You can use the command line or task scheduler interfaces to deliver one or more FolderSizes disk space analysis reports to users via email. In both cases, FolderSizes will transmit the results of any report export operations via SMTP.


Let's take the following command-line invocation of FolderSizes as an example:


foldersizes.exe /path:"c:\temp|c:\windows" /export:"c:\temp\report.html|c:\temp\report.csv" /email:"" /exit


The command line above instructs FolderSizes to analyze two paths ("c:\temp" and "c:\windows"), then generate two report export files ("report.html" and "report.csv") from that analysis. After both export files are created, FolderSizes will send them to "" via email.


By default, FolderSizes will apply zip compression to all exported files before sending them via email, resulting in a single zip file that is attached to the email message sent to the user (see email config topic).


If FolderSizes cannot successfully communicate with your email service provider, no email message will be sent.