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About the Scheduler

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FolderSizes provides an integrated scheduling facility that allows you to schedule the generation of FolderSizes reports. These reports can further be exported to various file formats.


The FolderSizes scheduler integrates with the scheduling subsystem of the host computer's Windows operating system. It generates the command line parameters required to generate given reports, and registers them with the Windows scheduler - all within a clear, easy-to-user visual interface.


A FolderSizes scheduled task can be one of the following types:


1.Folder Size Reports - Produce Folder Size Reports within the main window detail view.

2.File Reports - Produce reports generated via the File Reports tool (e.g. largest files, oldest files, etc.). All file report types, including graph types, are accessible from within the scheduler.

3.Searches - Produce search result reports, generated by use of the FolderSizes Search facility.

4.Snapshots - Produce File System Snapshots that can be used to generate offline reports.

5.Disk Reports - Create Disk Reports that be used to capture a history of disk space usage and more.


You can have as many different types of FolderSizes reports scheduled for executing whenever you like. Further, their scheduled execution can overlap if needed.