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FolderSizes Help

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Scheduled Task List

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When you click the Scheduler button in the main FolderSizes toolbar (or select Tools | Task Scheduler from the main menu), a listing of scheduled FolderSizes tasks will appear.


From this screen, you'll be able to view, edit, and delete existing scheduled tasks - as well as create new ones.


Creating a New Scheduled Task


To create a new scheduled task, click the New Task button that appears near the bottom of the Scheduled FolderSizes Tasks window. You'll be prompted to choose among the three available task types: folder size report, file report, or search. The scheduled task editor window will be launched in the appropriate mode based upon your selection.


Editing or Deleting an Existing Scheduled Task


To edit or delete an existing scheduled task, first select it in the task task list. Next, click the Edit or Delete button to take the desired action. When editing a task, the system will automatically determine the task type (normal, file report, or search) and open the scheduled task editor window in the appropriate mode.


Note that you can also click the Edit (Advanced) button, which will open the scheduled task within the Windows Task Scheduler. The Windows Task Schedule editor provides to various, slightly more advanced / obscure scheduled task settings.