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FolderSizes Help

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Bar, Pie & Folder Map Views

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The main FolderSizes graph tabs provide valuable visual information about the sizes of the sub-folders contained within the scanned path.


Different Types of Graphs


FolderSizes provides several different types of file system data visualization mechanisms, as follows:


Bar Graph - This presents a series of horizontal bar graphs correlative to the current detail view display. You can view more or less bar graph entries by manipulating the Subfolder Depth setting (via the View menu).

Pie Graph - Similar to the bar graph implementation, but within a fixed space (e.g. no scrolling) for a more compartmentalized view of spatial distribution of sub-folders.

Folder Map - Based upon the TreeMap concept first designed by Ben Shneiderman, the folder map provides a complete view of all subfolders (at all levels of depth) within a single view. Unlike bar or pie graphs, this view allows for deep visualization of the target file system structure without the need for scrolling or drill-downs.


The Graph Ribbon Bar Tab


Click the Graph tab of the main window ribbon bar to access a range of useful features relating specifically to the main window graphs.


General options:


Save - Save the currently selected graph type to file.

Copy - Copy the currently selected graph type to the Windows clipboard.

Display Mode - Toggles graphs between size, file count, and folder count display modes.

Show allocated - Show allocated (e.g. "size on disk") values in graphs.

Graph palette - Allows you to choose the color palette to be applied to graphs.


Pie Graph options:


Item display - Allows to control which data points are shown in the pie graph.

Show labels - Toggles the display of pie graph labels on/off.


Folder Map options:


Highlight - Allows you to quickly highlight folder map tiles that meet specific criteria. Click the drop-down arrow to view a range of built-in presets, select the highlight color, etc.

Scan Fonts - When enabled, folder map tile text will be scaled to fill available space.


Common Features


Hover your mouse cursor over any segment of any graph to view detailed information about the file system node it represents. These tooltips can be disabled.


Clicking sections of a FolderSizes graph will highlight the corresponding folder in the detail list at the top of the screen (where applicable). Double-clicking a bar will "drill into" the associated folder.


The graph panels also have a number of configuration options, outlined here.