Find Old, Unused Files with FolderSizes

The FolderSizes oldest files report identifies files that were last modified a long time ago. This information can help companies find data that can be archived or moved off of primary storage devices. The FolderSizes oldest files report can be generated against multiple file system paths (drives, folders, network shares) in a single pass.

Find And Archive Unused Files

Using FolderSizes to Find Unused Files

FolderSizes allows oldest files report contents to be exported in a variety of formats, including HTML, XML, and CSV. FolderSizes can also schedule the generation of this report (and many others).

Tips: Use the on-screen filter settings to identify old, unused files by a specific NTFS date/time stamp (e.g. last modified, created, or last accessed). Users can also elect to include only files within a given period of time.