Printing File and Folder Listings with FolderSizes

FolderSizes provides a built-in search feature that can easily be used to produce file and folder printouts (as well as exports in a variety of file formats).

Need a listing of all the files in a specific user home directory sorted by size in descending order? How about a list of recently modified files and / or folders? And maybe search across multiple file system paths (drives, folders, network shares) in a single pass? Need to print these results, or save them as HTML and share them via email?

Find and Print File and Folder Listings

Using FolderSizes to Print, Sort, & Export File and Directory Listings

FolderSizes can do all of this, and much more. The key is our integrated file file object metadata search technology, allowing you to construct a series of file and folder search rules of arbitrary complexity. List files and directories by name (wildcard or regular expressions), attributes, size (actual or allocated), name length, age, or even owner. Combine search rules to include or exclude results as needed.

The FolderSizes file and folder search tool is incredibly powerful, and has hundreds of uses beyond what we've discussed here. Download the free trial today and see for yourself.