A strong data archiving strategy can help to reduce storage costs, improve the performance of backups, and reduce clutter so that users can find the data they need.

FolderSizes - Flexible Storage Analysis Software

FolderSizes provides a broad range of tools designed to help companies execute on their storage management strategies by identifying file system data that are candidates for archiving offline.

  • Oldest Files Report - Quickly identifies old, unused files by NTFS date/time stamp. Find files that haven't been modified, created, or accessed within a given period of time.
  • File Ages Report - Shows the distribution of files by age. For example, this report can show precisely how many files were modified within the last 2-4 years. Date range categories are fully customizable, and you can double-click on any detail report line to find specific file instances.
  • Duplicate File Report - Provides quick visibility into files that are duplicates of one another, which are often excellent candidates for archival / offline storage.
  • Calculated Date/Time Fields - The primary FolderSizes detail report can show not only NTFS date/time stamps, but also reveals the most recent modified, created, and accessed date/time stamps within each file system branch (folder).
  • Actual vs. Allocated Space - FolderSizes provides deep support for reporting actual and allocated disk space consumed by files and folders at all levels. Allocated space calculations take into account factors such as cluster overhang and NTFS compression to reveal a useful "size on disk" metric.
  • Search - FolderSizes includes a powerful, rules-based search tool that can quickly answer critical questions such as "What files were modified this week?" or "What files were created over three years ago?"

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