The modern computing landscape requires that many organizations develop and enforce data storage and retention policies that govern where users keep data, how long they can keep it, and what types of data they can retain.

Using FolderSizes to Understand Storage Policy Compliance

FolderSizes includes a broad array of valuable file system reports that improve your ability to monitor storage policy compliance.

  • File Owners Report - Provides a high-level overview of storage space allocated by domain / user. Helps organizations identify who is using the most storage space and monitor quota conformance at a detailed level.
  • Trend Analysis - FolderSizes can be scheduled to generate file system analysis data exports on a regular basis. That data can then be consumed by the built-in Trend Analyzer, showing you precisely which files and folders account for growth.
  • Disk Reporting - FolderSizes offers disk-level reporting with automatic historic data capture and visualization. See where growth and contraction is occurring for entire volumes, both local and on the network.
  • File Types Report - Shows storage space consumption by file type. Quickly identify which types of data are most pervasive on your company storage resources, and determine if users are storing file types they shouldn't.
  • File Sizes Report - Shows the distribution of files by size. Quickly find storage areas overrun by small files that waste space due to cluster overhang, or large files that can be moved offline to free up space immediately.
  • Duplicate File Report - Provides quick visibility into files that are duplicates of one another, often due to users passing around files and saving them in different storage areas.
  • Search - FolderSizes includes a powerful, rules-based search tool that can quickly answer critical questions such as "Are there any multimedia files in this storage area?" or "How many files are owned by this user in our data store?"

All FolderSizes reports can be printed and/or exported so that you can share information with users and make your storage plans actionable. You can even schedule the execution of file system analysis reports for delivery via email.

Start reaping the benefits of this powerful tool today!

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