File system backups are a critical part any organization's disaster recovery planning, often involving multiple storage tiers for high-value, offline, and infrequently accessed data. Proper planning can improve backup performance and reduce costs.

FolderSizes - Analyze, Optimize, and Streamline

FolderSizes allows you to analyze storage systems and optimize your backup plan. It does this by giving you the file system analysis data you need to make informed decisions.

  • Identify Unused Files - Reduce your backup footprint by pruning or archiving infrequently used file system objects.
  • Size vs. Allocated Size - Effective backup planning requires an understanding of both the size and allocated size of file system objects. Compression, sparse files, and cluster overhang can all affect the amount of actual space consumed on disk.
  • Monitor Disk Usage Over Time - FolderSizes includes a powerful disk reporting system that automatically tracks space usage over time. Use this information to predict volume-level backup requirements.
  • Analyze Folder Level Growth Trends - FolderSizes provides tooling that shows precisely where file system growth or contraction is occurring at the folder level, improving your ability to adapt your backup plan over time.
  • Keep Users Informed - FolderSizes provides a range of valuable file system analysis data export features that allow you to share disk space usage information directly with your users.

This tutorial just scratches the surface of what FolderSizes can do. Download the free trial today and see for yourself.

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