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FolderSizes is the most advanced disk space analysis software ever created. Use it to analyze any type of storage device that's accessible to the host computer - local disks, network attached storage, network shares, mapped drives, and more. The wealth of information FolderSizes provides is unparalleled, and the deeply multi-threaded file system analysis engine ensures excellent performance and scalability. See what's new in FolderSizes 9!

Supported Detailed Folder Size Reports

A powerful, interactive column-based detail report view offers deep insights into how disk space is allocated.

  • View the size (and size on disk) of all folders and files as the file system analysis progresses.
  • Dozens of available detail columns, including powerful calculated date/time values.
  • Full drag and drop support for moving and copying file system objects between locations.
  • "Super tooltips" offer extended information when you hover over a file or folder name.
  • Powerful, feature-rich right-click context menu that includes Explorer operations.
  • Printing and print preview, multi-column sorting, and much more!
Supported Folder Size Graphs, Charts, Visualizations

Visualize the distribution of files and folders across your file system(s).

  • Bar Graph - Scrollable, sorted view of files & folders by size, file count, or folder count.
  • Pie Graph - Fixed view of the top files & folders by size, file count, or folder count.
  • Folder Map (Treemap) - Hierarchical view of files & folders by size, file count, or folder count.
Supported File Reports : Oldest, Largest, and Much More

Quickly generate file-based reports across multiple local and network file system branches at once.

  • Largest Files - See which files are consuming the most disk space.
  • Oldest Files - Find old, unused files that are taking up valuable disk space.
  • Newest Files - See the newest files and who's been creating them.
  • Temporary Files - Find temporary files using flexible file name pattern matching.
  • Duplicate Files - Identify and manage space-consuming duplicates.
  • File Types - See which file types (by extension) are consuming the most space.
  • File Type Groups - High-level file types report with fully customizable groups.
  • File Attributes - Shows the distribution of files by attributes (e.g. read-only, hidden, etc.).
  • File Owners - Find out which specific users are using the most disk space.
  • File Sizes - Shows the distribution of files by size.
  • File Names - Shows the distribution of files by name length.
  • File Dates - Shows the distribution of files by age.
  • File Depths - Shows the distribution of files by folder depth.
Supported Disk Space Reports with Trend Analysis

Powerful reporting for local and network volumes with built-in trend analysis.

  • View disk-level total, used, and free space for local and network volumes.
  • Automatically tracks free, used, and total disk space over time.
  • Accessible via the built-in scheduler and command line interface.
Supported Advanced File System Search

Search across multiple file systems for files and folders by name, attributes, age, size, owner, and more.

  • Find empty folders - Quickly find folders that contain no files and/or subfolders.
  • Find folders with many files - Find folders that contain an excessive number of files and/or subfolders.
  • Find huge files - Find files (or folders) that exceed a given size (or size on disk).
  • Find long paths - Find long NTFS file and folder paths that exceed a given character length.
  • Find old documents - Find document files that exceed a given age (based on created, modified, or last accessed date).
  • Find recently created documents - Find document files that were created recently.
  • Much more - Many, many other search scenarios are possible!
Supported File System Scan Filtering

Generate highly customizable reports containing just the information you need.

  • Perform scan-time filtering by name, attributes, size, owner, and much more.
  • Include or exclude files and folders using pattern matching.
  • Numerous sample scan filter rule sets are available.
  • Save and load filters with ease.
Supported Export Disk Space Report Data

Export report data (detail and graph images) in a wide variety of industry standard file formats.

  • HTML - Easily view reports offline in any modern web browser.
  • XML - Excellent for data integration purposes or rendering via XSLT.
  • Excel - Allows for easy offline manipulation of report data.
  • PDF - Self-contained report export files perfect for sharing, printing.
  • CSV - Comma or tab separated values for easy machine reading.
Supported High Performance, Multi-Threaded Analysis Engine

Scan & view multiple local and remote file system branches simultaneously on multiple threads.

Supported Powerful NTFS Support

Support for unicode file and folder names, with no limitations on file path length.

Supported Windows Shell / Explorer Integration

Start FolderSizes via the Explorer shell context menu. Drag and drop folders from Explorer into FolderSizes.

Supported Customization Support

A broad range of program options allow you to control application behavior and appearance.

Supported File Operations

Move, copy, or archive (zip) files and folders from within Search and File Reports.

Supported File System Snapshots

Capture the full state of any local or network file system branch for offline analysis.

  • Folder Size Reports - Create folder reports using any snapshot file as a data source.
  • File Reports - Create any file report from one or more snapshots.
  • Search - Search one or more snapshot files as if they were live file systems.
  • Trend Analysis - Create trend analysis reports from multiple snapshot files.
Supported Reload and Compare Reports

Reload folder size report data for point-in-time comparison.

Supported Folder Size Trends

Incredibly powerful multi-point file system trend analysis capabilities. See where growth occurs.

Supported Report Scheduler

Schedule the creation of folder, file, search, and disk reports.

Supported Command Line Support

Easily generate, export, and email reports from the command line.

Supported Email Integration

Easily send scheduled reports to one or more recipients via email.

Supported Windows Server OS Support

FolderSizes can run on Windows workstation and server operating systems.

Supported Superior Tech Support

Priority access to our world-class technical support services.

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