FolderSizes provides a fast, simple, and effective duplicate file report that identifies duplicates quickly and easily. The report is organized into a series of duplicate file groups, allowing users to quickly select and manage duplicates as needed.

Using FolderSizes to Find Duplicate Files

FolderSizes includes a powerful Duplicate Files report with the following features.

  • Choose whether to compare files by name, name and size (the default), or name, size, and date/time stamp.
  • Can analyze multiple local and/or network file systems at once using our advanced threading technology.
  • Includes options for ignoring special and/or numeric characters in file names during the comparison process.
  • The resulting duplicate file report can be sorted, printed, and exported in a wide variety of formats.
  • Includes powerful scan filtering capability, allowing you to isolate just the duplicate files of interest.
  • Provides the ability to copy, move, delete or archive duplicates once they are found.

For even more duplicate file finding power, try our award-winning (and business-grade) Duplicate File Detective product. When you license FolderSizes, you'll be offered a Duplicate File Detective license at half price!

Start reaping the benefits of this powerful tool today!

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