Over time, corporate file systems tend to accumulate a fair amount of clutter - file system objects that are old and unused, abandoned by prior employees, etc. Identifying, reviewing, and potentially purging such files are an important part of keeping your storage systems lean, secure, and performant.

FolderSizes - Identify Unused Files & Reclaim Disk Space

FolderSizes provides tools that aid in the identification of file system objects that may be good candidates for archival or removal.

  • Oldest Files Report - Reveals the oldest files in any given file system branch.
  • File Dates Report - Shows the distribution of files by age. See how many files were modified within the last week, month, year, etc.
  • File Owners Report - Shows the distribution of files by owner, allowing you to quickly determine the amount of disk space being consumed by current and prior employees.
  • Duplicate File Report - Find out how much of your valuable disk space is being wasted by the presence of duplicate files.
  • Search - FolderSizes includes a flexible search tool that can quickly answer critical questions such as "What files were created over three years ago?" or "Where was this user keeping most of their files?"

This tutorial just scratches the surface of what FolderSizes can do. Download the free trial today and see for yourself.

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