Our Commitment to Customer Security

Personal and business computing security has been on everyone’s mind as of late, and for good reason – the Internet is full of very real dangers.

In this blog post, I’d like to briefly discuss one aspect of Key Metric Software’s ongoing customer security strategy – ensuring the safety of the software products themselves. And for most, this means keeping our software products free from malware and adware.

The second of these (adware) comes down to commitment – we’d never use adware mechanisms as a means of monetizing our software products. Nor do we need to because if you build products that work well, people will pay a reasonable price for them.

Preventing the proliferation of malware to our customers is a much more serious challenge, and one we take very seriously. But first, a point of clarification – we can only control our own software distribution channels. As such, you should only download Key Metric Software products from our product websites.

Concerning the technical challenges of remaining malware-free, we utilize an array of tools and technologies for this purpose. Using FolderSizes as an example, we start with a hardened software build environment that produces software components signed with an Extended Validation certificate. The resulting installer package (which is also EV signed) is uploaded to a secure host that is monitored continuously. We also run release builds through multiple malware detection engines. For example, here’s the VirusTotal scan result for the latest version of FolderSizes at the time of this writing.

I’ll discuss other aspects of our customer security strategy in future posts. In the meantime, please stay safe and always download software products from a trusted source – directly from the vendor whenever possible, as we have a vested interest in keeping our customers safe.