Find Empty Folders

Occasionally someone will email me and ask if FolderSizes is capable of finding and deleting empty folders from their system(s). The answer is a resounding “yes”, and it’s actually very simple.

Just select the file system path you wish to scan within FolderSizes (note that you can also enter a UNC network path into the Path box at the top of the screen) and allow file system scanning to complete. Next, click the Size column in the results list twice to cause it to sort ascending (smallest on top). That’s it – FolderSizes will show all the zero-length file system objects (including folders) at the top of the list.

Note that if you have zero-length folders nested multiple levels deep, then you should engage the Deep Subfolder Display Depth setting – in the main menu, select View | Subfolder Display Depth | Deep.

Once you’ve got a listing of the zero-length file system object, select the ones you don’t want any more, right click, and choose Delete Selected Items.