Vista Ultimate RC1 – Disk Space Analysis

Now that Windows Vista is nearing public release, I’ve been spending a bit more time running compatibility tests with FolderSizes. My findings – FolderSizes works pretty much perfectly with the most recent Vista builds.

I’m actually testing with the RC1 build of Windows Vista Ultimate Edition. Not surprisingly, the default installation of Vista Ultimate chews up a lot of disk space. Running a FolderSizes file report against my C drive reveals a significant distribution of large files.

If I switch to the File Sizes detail view in the navigation tree and double-click the 3MB-1GB file size range, FolderSizes will automatically launch a search window that shows me exactly which files exist in that size range.

Apparently the Ultimate edition of Windows Vista installs quite a bit of sample media by default. I suspect that Vista’s deeper graphical capabilities will translate into greater disk space requirements regardless of which edition you install.

I will, of course, continue testing FolderSizes compatibility with Windows Vista right up to the final release of the product. And if you’re doing the same, please feel free to contact me directly should you find anything amiss.

posted by Key Metric Software at 12:53 pm