FolderSizes Customer Testimonial

We’re fortunate enough to get a lot of really positive feedback from the users of our software products. Today I received an email from Keith S. from Duncanville, TX. He had the following to say about FolderSizes (our disk space management software):

Today a computer tech from a local company spent about 2 hours at my house trying to diagnose a problem with my computer. At the end of the 2 hours and $99 poorer, I said good-bye to the tech and I still had my problem.
This evening I “ran across” FolderSizes through a Google search and downloaded the trial version. The best thing about it was that it reported the sizes of the operating system files which were heretofore invisible to me (mainly out of my ignorance of how to view them). What I discovered was that my “System Volume Information” folder was huge (about 20 gigabytes). System Restore in my computer was creating a restore point after each and every reboot, and I was losing about 1% of my hard drive space each time I turned the thing off and then back on. This was the problem that the tech could not figure out.
Thank you for this wonderful piece of software! My only regret is that I did not discover it sooner. I will most definitely be purchasing it and I will recommend it to the tech if I ever talk with him again.