FolderSizes Version 4 is Released

Key Metric Software is proud to announce a major update to its powerful, network-aware disk space management software – FolderSizes 4.0.

This new release adds a wealth of new capabilities and improvements. Here’s a partial list:

  • Generate File Reports against multiple paths
  • Greatly expanded command line support
  • New “file name length” based search (and scan filtering) criteria
  • New “avg file size” and “attributes” columns in main exploration view
  • New ability to load / save scan-time filter definitions
  • “Size in bytes” is automatically appended to all detail view CSV exports
  • Optimized FolderSizes for use on Windows Vista
  • Improved drill-down capabilities in various File Report detail views
  • Extensive user interface enhancements
  • New switch for disabling / enabling the FolderSizes shell context menu
  • Expanded help system (better coverage of command line options, etc.)
  • Added printing and sorting capabilities to the “My Computer” view
  • New visual indicator for all “% of parent” detail view columns
  • Much more!

In addition to these improvements and new features, FolderSizes 4.0 contains dozens of smaller enhancements that work to greatly improve overall robustness and usability. Nearly every aspect of the application, from the low-level file system scanning engine to the rendering of graph bars, has been tweaked and optimized.

Note that FolderSizes 4.0 installs (and is licensed) separately from existing versions of the application. This allows current FolderSizes users to fully evaluate the new version before deciding whether or not they wish to upgrade (special upgrade pricing is available) – without disturbing their existing product installations.

Download the new FolderSizes 4.0 release now, and try it for yourself.

posted by Key Metric Software at 2:16 pm