Duplicate File Detective v2.0 Coming Soon

We’ve reached a major milestone in the development of Duplicate File Detective v2.0, and we’re now actively looking for BETA testers.

If you’re familiar with software BETA programs and are interested in trying out DFD v2.0, please email me directly and I’ll send you the download link. And please – we need people that are going to put this release through its paces and report back to us with their thoughts / impressions. If you don’t have the time or inclination to do this, it’s best that you wait for the public release (hopefully only a few weeks away).

So, what’s new and improved in Duplicate File Detective v2.0? Well, that’s a looooong list – but here’s a sampling:

  • Image preview (docking) window
  • Numerous extensions to smart marking system, including pattern matching
  • Byte-for-byte duplicate file content comparison
  • Numerous new duplicate file detail report columns
  • Extensive user interface improvements
  • Major performance enhancements, including multi-threaded file hashing
  • MS Vista friendly installer, application file storage, etc.
  • Improvements to data export capabilities
  • Much more

We’re hoping to move fairly quickly through the BETA testing period, so please contact me soon if you’re interested.