FolderSizes v4.5 is Released

FolderSizes v4.5 is now officially out of beta, and has been released to the general public.

I’m extremely excited about this new release. It contains a wealth of new capabilities, including (but not limited to) Unicode support, command line access to the search facility, improved file system object sorting, numerous search system improvements (including better support for finding folders – including empty ones, a more granular file mask exclusion mechanism, etc.), numerous user interface improvements, and a variety of performance enhancements.

We’ve also decided to drop support for Win9x based systems (including Windows 98 and ME). At this point, the limited use of FolderSizes on these platforms is simply no longer worth the extra development and testing time required to support them.

Download the new release from our product download page. Full release notes are available here. The upgrade is free for all existing v4 license holders. And if you’re still using an older version, this is another great reason to upgrade.

BTW, those of you who know me are probably aware of how seriously I take the usability and appearance of our software products. Aside from core features, this new release of FolderSizes has a broad array of user interface enhancements, a new application icon, updates to the help file, and even new graphics in the product installer. Let me know what you think!

posted by Key Metric Software at 7:18 pm