Finding recently saved (modified) files

FolderSizes makes it easy to find files that have been recently saved (modified). In fact, there are a number of ways of accomplishing this task with FolderSizes, but in this case we’ll start with the File Dates report.

The File Dates report is one of the many views generated automatically by the FolderSizes File Reporting interface. Just click the File Reports toolbar button in the main window, give it one or more paths (the system is capable of reporting against multiple paths at once, if desired) and let it churn for a minute or two.

When report generation is complete, select the File Dates node from the report listing on the left. You’ll be presented with the distribution of files by age. These are broken down into a set of default ranges (e.g. “1 Day”, “2 to 7 Days”, etc.), which can be customized to suit your needs (via the built-in range editor window).

You may also notice a file report node just below “File Dates Detail” called “File Dates By Size“, which presents the same information in (bar) graph form. This view allows you to quickly visualize where the bulk of the files reside within the file age time line (i.e. 38GB of files were modified within the last 3-6 months).

Alright, so now we know the distribution of files by date range. So how do we go about finding the specific files saved, say, within the last day? Simple – just double-click on the appropriate entry within the File Age detail listing. FolderSizes will automatically launch its internal search facility, and provide detailed information about the files within the specified date range.

Of course, you can always skip the file report generation step and use the search facility directly to find recently saved files.

BTW, the same search drill-down capability is available from all of the grouped file reports available within FolderSizes.