FolderSizes v4.6 is Released

Let’s talk about what we’ve been working on for our upcoming FolderSizes v4.6 release.

First and foremost, v4.6 contains a new integrated scheduling facility. With this tool, you can schedule the execution of any FolderSizes report type and export those results in a variety of formats. Here in our development labs, we’ve scheduled the generation of all of FolderSizes’ various report types, exporting each of them (in HTML format) to a shared folder on our network (effectively building an archive of data storage reports that speed and simplify storage hotspot identification, as well as providing historical context).

The next major focus of FolderSizes v4.6 is performance. Nearly every feature has received a comprehensive performance and resource usage evaluation, and this has process resulted in:

  • The introduction of a new file owner data lookup cache
  • Numerous improvements to our folder analysis data caching technology
  • A nearly 60% memory usage reduction in many file report scan scenarios
  • Numerous performance boosts when scanning remote (network) paths
  • New options that provide more granular control over scan-time performance

Some of these improvements might sound a bit technical and geeky – but believe me, they amount to a serious performance and resource usage improvement in v4.6.

There are tons of other improvements as well – improved visual theme switching, “filename only” duplicate file matching, a greatly improved duplicate file report HTML export format, a new “allocated” column in several of the file reporting detail views, and much more. We also threw in a handful of bug fixes for good measure.

FolderSizes v4.6 is a free upgrade for existing v4 license holders. Get yours now – fresh off the compiler.