Over 10,000 FolderSizes Licenses Sold

Key Metric Software has now sold more than ten thousand unique FolderSizes product licenses.

And the actual user count is much higher. Why? Because we have numerous large enterprise customers, such as ExxonMobil and Chevron (just two examples), who have worldwide license contracts with many, many individual users. What’s more, a large percentage of our license sales are for multi-user “license packs” and site-wide licenses (even though we only count these as one license sale).

Why has FolderSizes become so pervasive? Because regardless of how many cheap clones and open-source freebies (with a fraction of the features) appear on the market, FolderSizes is the obvious “professional grade” choice for businesses. Not only does FolderSizes support advanced functionality not available in other solutions, it’s also backed by a software company that’s deeply committed to customer satisfaction. As other disk space visualization and management tools have come and gone, FolderSizes continues to be developed and vigorously supported.

When you (or your company) licenses FolderSizes, you’re ensuring the continuity of the best disk space analysis and management software tool on the market today.

And you know what – we’re not slowing down. More about the next major release of FolderSizes in a future blog.