FolderSizes v4.8 is Released

Today, Key Metric Software of Traverse City, MI releases version 4.8 of FolderSizes, the world leader in disk space analysis and visualization software.

New features include:

  • Support for Windows 7
  • Improved support for 64-bit Windows operating systems with a new 64-bit version of the FolderSizes shell context menu
  • Broader, more scalable, and more resource efficient support for exporting reports as XML
  • New support for visualizing allocated disk space (e.g. “size on disk”), which accounts for cluster overhang, compression, etc.
  • New ability to search and filter by allocated file system object size
  • Numerous performance enhancements, especially in file report detail view sorting
  • A new column in search results that shows file system object name length
  • New ability to exclude folders from search results
  • Improved drill-down from within range-based and categorical file reports
  • Many other improvements and minor bug fixes

This release is a free upgrade for any existing FolderSizes v4.x license holder.

The full v4.8.0.55 release notes can be viewed here. Or proceed directly to download.